June 4, 2019

About us



1. To be general services and security agencies, dealing with the international and local companies for
providing of different types of services in all kind of business such as construction material food staff
at same time non-food items.
2. To be contractor of all civil engineering constructions dealing with UN agencies, INGOs as well as
private companies which operate in south central region of Somalia
3. To be contractors of any level procurement from local and abroad
4. Drilling and hand dug wells constructing and rehabilitating
Long vision of the company
To become hardworking team in all involved all kind different service & general trading in all target


Mogadishu cargo scanner ltd provides General service & Construction Company stands for
quality Services with neatly implementation.
Main field we provide
1 ship agencies
2 security service
3 logistic and clearing and forwarding
4: All importing and exporting commodities
5: All construction contracts
6: Borehole and hand-dug wells constructing
7: All construction material importation and distribution

Management Structure

The company has managerial structure chaired by the chairperson representing the shareholders with
technical and administrative support staff.
All company financial transaction can be signed by the Chairperson controlling all everyday activity
of the company.
The Chairperson of the company has the power to nominate the acting person to run the company’s
managerial in case of absence for any reason from the head quarter of the company and that person
should be the shareholder only.
All contracts, agreements, staff recruitment and termination will bounder signature of the
Chairperson or delicate.