June 4, 2019


Background and justification


In 2000 Somalia revived again to stand as a nation after, first transitional government has been
established in Djibouti. Somalia is a member of African countries which civil wars had affected since
the fall down of the last central power of Somalia under the military regimes.
All commercial service implementation were difficult and risk and in 2000 a hope of revival Somali
government had come up, with higher expectation of getting full security related to ever aspects by all
Somali citizens.
In February 2007 a group of Somali national business men, women and construction professionals
decided to establish multi-sectional business company.
Their selections were connected to previous experience and
newly added commercial sections after all; the company took the name as MOGADISHU CARGO
Seen highly growing market opportunities caused by the revival of the Somali government packed by
international military spear headed by AMISON from African union, at the same time Re-born of
Somalia citizen morals willing to the participate of total Somali reconstruction shall be the
justification of MOGADISHO CARGO SCANNER LTD establishment .
Another justification is also technical- material and financial prepared for the company establishments
by the shareholders, to join reconstruction and commercial upgrading particularly in south central
region of Somalia
During information of this company, there was a gap in generally commercial developments in most
south central regions needed to be occupied by high commercial enterprises from Somali
national. The establishers have also vast commercial in most regions of Somalia.
1. To be general services and security agencies, dealing with the international and local companies for
providing of different types of services in all kind of business such as construction material food staff
at same time non-food items.
2. To be contractor of all civil engineering constructions dealing with UN agencies, INGOs as well as
private companies which operate in south central region of Somalia
3. To be contractors of any level procurements from local and abroad
4. Drilling and hand dug wells constructing and rehabilitating
Long vision of the company
To become hardworking team in all involved all kind different service & general trading in all target
Mogadishu cargo scanner ltd provides General service & Construction Company stands for
quality Services with neatly implementation.
Main field we provide
1 ship agencies
2 security service
3 logistic and clearing and forwarding
4: All importing and exporting commodities
5: All construction contracts
6: Borehole and hand-dug wells constructing
7: All construction material importation and distribution
Management Structure
The company has managerial structure chaired by the chairperson representing the shareholders with
technical and administrative support staff.
All company financial transaction can be signed by the Chairperson controlling all everyday activity
of the company.
The Chairperson of the company has the power to nominate the acting person to run the company’s
managerial in case of absence for any reason from the head quarter of the company and that person
should be the shareholder only.
All contracts, agreements, staff recruitment and termination will bounder signature of the
Chairperson or delicate.
Company Structure
Field chief engineering
Procurement and logistics
Human Recourse
Finance Manager
Vice chairman
Civil engineer
Transportation officer
Operation officer
Assistant finance
Security Officer
Logistic Officer
Lab our force

Company Guarantee
 Profession general service
 Ship Agencies
 Providing security services
 Quality goods importation and distribution
 Quality construction
 Reliable construction material
 Contract laws keeping
 Reasonable price and reliable on time to all our clients
Company Legalization
Mogadishu cargo scanner ltd &. Has legal registration of federal government of Somalia and local
state governments
For security
We had contract with Inchcape for security for two 2013-2014
And we have contract with Mechem for security for three years 2014-2016
We have security contract with CIS for three years 2014-2016
Agency experience
We have a contract with WFP in Bosaso and Berbare last three years
Mogadishu Cargo Scanner company is one of group of companies like Sima marine Somalia
LTD and Simatech international free zone